November 14, 2021

2021 Christmas Mini Session

Our once a year mini session is finally here! Upon popular request, we are introducing our 2021 Christmas mini session this season! We will be offering a limited number of Christmas mini sessions in November and December.

Christmas Mini Session - $450

Is A Mini Session Right For You?

What is a mini session?

A mini session is a shorter version of a standard family session.  Mini sessions are 20 minutes long.  If your child is extremely shy and takes some time to warm up, a mini session is probably not be the best choice for you.  A standard family session would allow time for your child to become comfortable as those sessions usually last 1 hour.

Can I take indoor Christmas photos?

Absolutely! We are willing to travel to your house and capture the unique Christmas memories of your family. Each family is unique in their own way and what's better than recording this special moment at home where it's the most meaningful to you? Since we will be traveling to you, this would be a custom family session, NOT a mini session.  

Does the mini session include grandparents?

No. Because mini sessions are only 20 mins, it's difficult to include too many people and making sure each person get the level of attention they would with a longer standard family session. If you wish to include grandparents in the photoshoot, we recommend booking a standard family session.

I have more than 3 children. Can I book a mini session?

To ensure there's enough time and attention given to each child, we recommend booking a standard family session.  Mini sessions are short so it's difficult to guarantee that each child can get the same level of attention as a standard family session.

How do I book my mini session?

Just shoot us an e-mail at or complete the inquiry form on our website HERE, we'll be in touch to let you know the next steps!

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