October 22, 2021

Newborn | Kristie Family

I remember when I saw K's birth announcement, I had tears rolling in my eyes. Here's what she said."It’s hard to find the right words for what’s happened over the last 7 days. On 8/13 S and I welcomed Fiona into the world. On 8/15 (less than 36 hours later) my mom left this world. While I wish with every part of me that she could have met her granddaughter, I’m comforted by the fact that she knew Fiona had been born, saw photos of her and knew that she and I were healthy. I think she held on, just long enough, to hear this news. I know she would have loved her with all of her heart. Fiona, you are truly our light during this time and you will forever be our bracha."

I just gave birth to my son Elon 10 days before Fiona was born. So I know how crazy emotionally and physically postpartum is to the new mom. But still, I can't imagine how hard it must be for K to have a newborn and lost her mom all within 36 hours. So when they asked if I could do a newborn photoshoot for them, although I was less than a month postpartum and still recovering from giving birth myself, I did not hesitate and agreed to do it. I wanted to capture this very special moment for them.

It was a gloomy rainy day on the day of our photo shoot. I remember on my drive over to K's house I was a bit worried that the dim light situation is not ideal to shoot indoors. But the second I saw K, S & Fiona, all my worries went away. I was deeply touched by the love and affection they have for each other. It's the type of love that shines through from the inside out.

The more photography I do, the more I realize that what makes a photo great is not how perfect you look, how beautiful the background is, or how many cool props you throw in there. It's always the authentic emotions that touches people's heart and gives a photo life. This is what makes a photo timeless -- It brings you back to that moment in life, no matter how many years has passed by. You feel like you are right there re-living that moment, all the feelings you had back then comes back to you. This is the type of photo I want to capture. I want to record the real, authentic emotions in people, between families, and tell each family's unique stories with my photos.

I felt really content on my way home after shooting for K's family. I wanted to record this special moment in their life for them. The happiness, the sorrow, the hustle and bustle, and the peaceful moments in between. That's all I wanted. I hope that whenever they look back at these photos, it serves as a memory box, to help them remember this chapter of their life, the love they have for their newborn, for K's mom, and for each other.

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