October 6, 2020

How to Dress for Family Photo Shoots

Not sure what to wear for your photoshoot? We got you! Read all about our tips for what to wear in your photoshoot and discover color coordinated clothing inspirations in this blog post.

What to wear for a family photo shoot?

Comfortable and coordinated clothing (if taking family shots) are always the best in photos. Solid colors and small patterns are great. Layering works really well for creating different looks. Try to avoid bold prints and patterns, which can distract the eye when viewing photography.

What colors should I choose?

Pastel colors always come out great in photos (as opposed to really bold or bright colors) as it avoids creating sharp contrasts with the background colors. White is usually a very safe color too.

Wearing colors that are different from the background helps to make your portrait pop out in photos. For example, avoid wearing green when taking summer shots with lots of trees and grass. Green will blend you in with the background.

How do I coordinate clothing for family shots?

Below are some inspirations for family coordinated clothing. Don’t stress about it, we are here to help! We are happy to help you decide what to wear before the photoshoot. Just send us some photos of the clothes you are thinking about wearing, we can help you decide what colors work best for the shoot.

For clothing consultation, feel free to contact us prior to your shooting.

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